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Rate - definition of rate by The Free Dictionary.

25/12/2019 · Reaction rate, the speed at which a chemical reaction proceeds. It is often expressed in terms of either the concentration amount per unit volume of a product that is formed in a unit of time or the concentration of a reactant that is consumed in a unit of time. The average reaction rate remains constant for a given time period so it can certainly not give any idea about the rate of reaction at a particular instant. This is where the instantaneous rate of reaction comes into the picture. Instantaneous rate of reaction is the rate at.

Rate definition is - a quantity, amount, or degree of something measured per unit of something else. How to use rate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of rate. La rate est également impliquée dans la formation des cellules du sang hématopoïèse chez le fœtus, puis le foie et la moelle osseuse prennent tour à tour cette fonction. Structure de la rate La rate est un organe mou qui mesure en moyenne 12 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm, et pèse environ 200 grammes, faisant de lui l'organe lymphatique le plus gros du corps humain. Thus, an incidence rate of 20 for a particular cancer means that 20 people per 100,000 population were expected to have been diagnosed with that cancer if the population of the US was the same as in year 2000, Consequently, an increase in the incidence rate indicates a. Experimental data is used to find reaction rates, from which rate laws and chemical kinetics rate constants are derived by applying the law of mass action. Rate laws allow for simple calculations for zero order reactions, first order reactions, and second order reactions.

rate definition: The definition of a rate is a quantity measured and compared to another quantity measured such as a number of miles per hour or is the cost of something. noun An example of a rate is being paid $10 per hour. An example of a r. 12/05/2014 · Find the definition of Rate in the largest biology dictionary online. Free biology and life science resources at your fingertips.

Define exchange rate. exchange rate synonyms, exchange rate pronunciation, exchange rate translation, English dictionary definition of exchange rate. n. A rate of exchange. n the rate at which the currency unit of one country may be exchanged for that of another n. the ratio at which a unit of the. Exchange rate, rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another; Mathematics and science. Rate mathematics, a specific kind of ratio, in which two measurements are related to each other often with respect to time Rate particle physics, rate at which a specific subatomic particle reaction occurs. 16/12/2019 · In conservation: Calculating background extinction rates obvious example of a high rate of speciation—a “baby boom” of bird species. Its existence allowed for the possibility that the high rates of bird extinction that are observed today might be just a natural pruning of this evolutionary exuberance. Definition Of Rate. Rate is a ratio that compares two quantities of different units. More About Rate. Unit Rate: Unit rate is a rate in which the second term is 1. For example, Jake types 10 words in 5 seconds. Jake's unit rate is the number of words he can type in a second.

01/04/2005 · In digital telecommunication, the bit rate is the number of bits that pass a given point in a telecommunication network in a given amount of time, usually a second. Thus, a bit rate is usually measured in some multiple of bits per second - for example, kilobits, or thousands of bits per second. A common type of rate is a quantity expressed in terms of time, such as percent change per year. Use rate in a sentence “ As the rate of pay for minimum wage rises, so does cost of living expenses such as electric, oil, gas for a car, rent, food and other necessities.

The average rate of change is finding the rate something changes over a period of time. We can look at average rate of change as finding the slope of a series of points. The slope is found by finding the difference in one variable divided by the difference in another variable. The slope formula is used to find the average rate of change. Rate Definition A rate is a specific type of ratio that usually tells you how long it takes to do something. For example, a rate might be 100 miles / 10 hours. Because most medical tests do not have sensitivity and specificity values above 99%, "rarely" does not equate to certainty. But for practical reasons, tests with sensitivity and specificity values above 90% have high credibility, albeit usually no certainty, in differential diagnosis. Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling. Inflation is classified into three types: Demand-Pull inflation, Cost-Push inflation, and Built-In inflation. Natality definition, birthrate. See more.. Word of the Day; Quizzes. Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, September 1899 Various. In. September 1899 Various. There are other figures to show that absolute sterility is not the cause of the low rate of French natality. Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, September 1899.

Absorption describes the process of assimilating or absorbing. Absorption can have distinct meanings based on the branch of science in which it is used. In biology, the word refers to the process of assimilating a substance into a cell or across a tissue or organ. This is accomplished through diffusion. 23/12/2019 · The rate of a reaction is a measure of how quickly a reactant is used up, or a product is formed. There are different ways to determine the rate of a reaction. The method chosen usually depends on the reactants and products involved, and how easy it is to measure changes in them. The change in. rate [rāt] the speed or frequency with which an event or circumstance occurs per unit of time, population, or other standard of comparison. adjusted rate a fictitious summary rate statistically adjusted to remove the effect of a variable, such as age or sex, to permit unbiased comparison between groups having different compositions with. Bitrate, as the name implies, describes the rate at which bits are transferred from one location to another. In other words, it measures how much data is transmitted in a given amount of time. Bitrate is commonly measured in bits per second, kilobits per second, or megabits per second.

Definition of rate in thedictionary. Meaning of rate. What does rate mean? Information and translations of rate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 01/04/2005 · Several factors affect the actual frame rate you get on your computer. For example, your PC processor or graphics hardware may only be capable of playing 10-15 frames per second without acceleration. In developing motion pictures, television, and video, frame rate information is used as a reference for audio signals.

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